S3 | E4 Always on Time

With bow and camera in hand, Ben heads on an early season bow hunting quest for a Buckeye State bruiser. For his first hunt Ben is setup in a strategic point between crop fields and food plots in a Redneck Ghillie blind. With a lightly dependable wind at best, Ben is cautious on making too big of a move. This setup allows him to stay within range but also not risk busting the buck too early into the season. The target buck shows up, but bolts in the other direction for an unknown reason.

After a couple days, Ben and Javin make a move to a triple cherry tree near the blind, but in a better position to encounter the buck. On the way in, Ben freshened an old mock scrape he made earlier in the season with his Black Widow Deer Lures’ Doe Matriarch and Dominant Buck scents. The buck didn’t show and as a result Ben’s confidence began to deteriorate. Hunting the interior of the buck’s core range is tricky business and every day the area is hunted Ben knows there is less of a chance to harvest him.

With time slipping away and the pre-rut ramping up Ben decided to press the buck and return to the redneck blind. Without Javin, Ben attempts to capture the evenings hunt while self-filming. Suddenly the buck shows up directly in front of the blind affording Ben just enough time to set the camera and get a shot off.