S3 | E2 Hook’s Story

After failing to fill his Ohio buck tags in the last two seasons, Chad Spangler is seeking redemption during Ohio’s early bow season with a monster buck named “Hook”. Chad spent the long off season prepping for the harvest of “Hook”, a buck Chad has multiple years’ worth of history with. In anticipation for this year’s season Chad spent the summer planting food plots, setting up the redneck blind, setting up trail cameras, putting out mock scrapes, and finally settling in to a game plan to harvest the buck of a lifetime.

After looking at the Moon Guide, Chad discovered that the opener would fall on a red moon. Like clockwork the buck showed up in daylight during the days leading up to the opener giving Chad plenty of confidence for the first afternoon. As the first hunt developed “Hook” showed up in the clover food plot 200 yards from the Redneck blind. The food plot strategy Chad put in place proved useful as the buck followed a pinch point route leading to an apple tree in front of the blind. The route lead “hook” straight to a broadside shot for Chad.