S3 | E1 Kentucky Jason

For the first episode of Whitetail Edge Season 3, Ben Rising heads to Kentucky to chase velvet bucks on a great piece of property. The property has been prepped for an unbelievable early season hunt. In addition to the Antler King Trophy and Game Changer clover plots on the property, there are also bean fields and bait stations. This potent combination brings multiple bucks to the area with Ben setting his sights on a buck he named “Jason”.

When game planning for the hunt Ben consulted with the Moon Guide, which revealed that on September 7th, 2017 2:22 pm there would be an increase in deer movement. Ben decided to jump into the stand earlier than normal. He settled into an afternoon set in an attempt to catch the “Jason” buck straight out of the bedding area before he works his way into a food plot.

Early season deer hunting means you have to be even more careful with your scent. This means setting up stands with a downwind scent cone. For this hunt, Ben had his stand positioned downwind and had brush to the downwind side of the stand. This combination allowed Ben’s wind to steer clear of any approaching deer, even the wary 6 year old “Jason” buck.