S2 | E2 The 215″ Kansas Monarch Buck

Ben Rising hunts Kansas with Travis Lehman owner of Cedar Ridge Outfitters. The date was November 12, 2016 in Kansas, day number 11 of my two week long Illinois and Kansas trip. We were hunting with my good friend Travis Lehman (Cedar Ridge Outfitters ). Travis and some of his previous hunters had located a true giant deer that they nick named Titus! Titus had proven to be a very unpredictable buck thus far and had not given any one a shot opportunity. After a discussion Travis showed me the farm that Titus frequently traveled and was nice enough to let me scout and hunt it a few days. Knowing we were close to his bedding area I decided I would just tickle my rattle bag like two bucks testing each other in Titus’s core! The idea was to just plain upset him not try to heavy rattle and spook him. It wasn’t three minutes later Titus was strolling right down through the timber with frost all over his back heading straight to me. The rest is history!!!